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Welcome to GW Guitars where we pride ourselves in making the finest handmade bespoke guitars and basses.

We are a premier custom guitar company specialising in personalised instruments bringing together both visual and tonal aesthetics. We have a range of stock guitar and bass designs as well as working on one off designs with customers where tone woods, pickups and hardware are all individually selected for your own custom build.

The Æsir 005 with a figured American Ash t


Our signature guitars, the double cut Æsir and the single cut Vanir are named and inspired by the Norse mythologies. As well as these, we have our own take on the home of the more popular guitar styles, a range which combines vintage and modern in our Blackguard range. Check them out in the gallery section.

As well as our own signature designs, we will also work to bring your vision to life, no matter what the design, we will make it happen. Check out the Kvasir, a guitar designed by Josh Elliott of the Dolmen, where every aspect of the design was discussed to produce Josh’s dream guitar.


In addition to our guitars, we also have our signature 4 or 5 string Álfar and Blackguard range of basses. Like our guitars, we are happy to discuss your ideas and designs to build your perfect instrument. Like our guitars, all specification is individual to your own requirements.


If you only want a guitar body or neck, we will be happy to discuss any requirements with you.

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