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After years of playing I came to GW guitars to create my idea of the perfect guitar, it’s rare a vision comes perfectly to life but with expertise and patience GW guitars made it happen. The moment I saw the guitar I could see the craftsmanship and love that went into building this piece of art, it was more aesthetically pleasing than I ever could of imagined. but I was even more blown away by the playability and the versatility of the tones I could achieve. From the first chord I could tell this guitar had been perfectly setup by the luthier and felt straight at home from the get go. When it comes to sound and tones I’d never experienced so many options from one guitar, with its perfectly selected pickups and built in coil taps the guitar can effortlessly achieve clean solos and rhythm to the heaviest of playing styles and everything in between. 10 years later and over a couple of hundred gigsĀ  it’s still my go to electric guitar, and with the quality materials used and the amazing craftsmanship with a bit off tlc the JD special will last me life time.